Friday, July 19, 2013

Scooter of the Month!

Inside and The Ride Wire are teaming up for a SOTM feature.  Read on:

Scooter of the Month was made popular by Scooter Resource over the years and with the recent challenges and upgrades over at SR preventing them from hosting we decided to host it over at The Ride Wire. A natural progression would be to do collaboration with Inside-Scooters. So what we’ll be doing is hosting the entry and voting process on The Ride Wire and then doing a monthly announcement on Inside-Scooters. By doing this we’re taking advantage of the strengths of both websites. The Ride Wire is a strong community where discussion can be had and Inside-Scooters is a content machine where riders from around the globe go to get the latest scooter news, videos, and more. It was a no brainer really.

How does it work? It’s super simple really. Head over to The Ride Wire and make a submission to the SOTM thread. Once the entry session closes then come back and vote. Once the voting is completed a post will be made on announcing who the winner is. You’ll also receive a badge on The Ride Wire saying that you’ve won SOTM for that month.

If you have any questions about how to enter or anything related to SOTM *CLICK HERE*.

*Enter for July now

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  1. I'm having problems logging in. After getting my username/password wrong 5 times it says that I have to wait 15 minutes to try again. I wait 20 minutes and it still has the same message.


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