Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unfair Scooters Parktage by Reece Jones & Nathan Flemongo

Unfair's Reece Jones and Nathan Flemongo recently came out with this parktage.  Both of these guys kill it with an awesome style.  Super chill vibe, I really enjoyed this one.


  1. This video fucking ruled! So good. Nothing repetitive, just flowing simple and really difficult tricks together with speed, awesome! I do think stealing somebody else's animations to help promote Unfair is a little unfair, but the animations were sick regardless. Maybe hire an artist next time?

    I feel like Reece has finally hit the point where you can trust that every clip he releases is going to be well-thought out, perfectly executed, and enjoyable as fuck to watch!

    Keep it rippin,
    Conor Davidson

  2. I totally hear you about the "stealing animations" - sounds extra bad when you say it too. but I don't feel to bad about it considering we all sample clips from movies/cartoons and majority of people using CS6 within the scooter community probably didn't pay for it.

    Were all just having fun and being creative with what we have access to I guess, id love to do the animations myself but that's a whole other story.


  3. sick riding, but not to found of the music or the animations, but it stands out. good job guys.


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