Friday, July 19, 2013

Proto Armageddon 2012: Part 6- Elmer Ferreiras

Elmer had a super good part in Catalyst and followed it up with an even better better in Armageddon.  One of my favorite parts of the 2012 Proto full length, Elmer is the 5050 king.  Both channel gaps he does are so sick.  You know his steeze.


  1. It's insane how hard everyone threw down for this video, and it's definitely showing. So what are the bets for who gets last part? It'd be sweet if Dylan snagged it again, but I'm personally rooting for Chema.

  2. Elmer, I loved watching this video. The style and creativity of your tricks is awesome.

  3. this nigga is so much better than i thaught this is so ill


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