Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ryan Upchurch 19 Stair Rail Attempts/Falls

Ryan is a warrior.  This hadone of the tiniest runups for one of the biggest rails, but Ryan tries it multiple times anyway.  Nearly gets it first try, sacks it, then tries again and again.  Last bail left him with a mild concussion...unfortunately he had left his helmet at home that day.  Protect your noggin, kids.


  1. honestly you have just lost a viewer of inside you guys have filled with nothing but street and it cool but u guys need to mix it up i haven't seen a decent park edit in forever on here every time i come on here i waist my time i might comeback in a moth or two but that's it u probably don't care but i visited daily for almost 5 years straight. i held it in too long but someone had to say it

    1. Hey mike, fuck off.
      Sincerely, Everyone.

    2. If you feel that you waste your time watching street edits, then Jordan probably don't care if you deside to stop checking the site. Inside is not meant for you.

  2. hey mike your a fucking idiot. street is where its at park is fucking gay go watch dakota schuetz videos fucking tool


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