Monday, June 17, 2013

Phoenix Pro Scooters and Envy Pro Scooters ....Team up? Read to find out

Press release was just released today. Read below to find out more.

Industry Leaders Create Gravity Group

Beaverton, Oregon, USA - Envy Scooters and Phoenix Pro Scooters have joined forces in a new distribution company, Gravity Group, Inc.

To achieve the highest level of customer focus, these two scooter industry leaders felt the best solution was to partner in this major initiative that will streamline and develop the distribution of products to the USA, Canada, Central and South America. A state of the art B2B system and extensive warehouse stock levels ensure minimal waiting times for products.

Gravity Group, Inc., in a successful move to secure these brands, will be the major player in the scooter industry at the distribution level. Its mission statement is to provide customer service on par with the high-end scooter brands it represents.

Both Envy Scooters and Phoenix Pro Scooters are both confident this move comes at a perfect time as the scooter scene in America is on the verge of exploding.

Phoenix Pro Scooters started in 2009 in the USA when the world pro scooter scene was in its infancy.  Known for their high end scooters and proud American heritage, Phoenix Pro Scooters are the scooter of choice for many pros.

Envy Scooters, known as Blunt Scooters in Europe was started in Australia in late 2009. They have been the go to scooters since, and continue to be one of the world’s leading brands.

Gravity Group, Inc. Will be fully stocked and ready to service quality scooter retailers starting July 1st.

See to setup your B2B account and get access to the finest scooter brands.

For Sales and Dealer inquiries e-mail:

Gravity Group, Inc.

9950 SW Arctic Dr.

Beaverton, OR 97005



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