Thursday, June 6, 2013

Phoenix Welcomes New Team Rider: Roomet Saalik

You might have seen Roomets beast Sponsor me video last week. If you haven't, I've included it below. Well it didn't take long for someone to notice Roomet, and that someone was Phoenix Pro Scooters. Find out more by reading the press release from Phoenix below.

Roomet Säälik – Welcome to the Phoenix Phamily!

Beaverton, Oregon – Phoenix Pro Scooters is proud to announce the addition of Roomet Säälik of Estonia, to the Phoenix AM Team.  You might have seen Roomet’s “Sponsor Me” edit on Inside Scooters last week.  Well, Phoenix owner, Tom Floyd saw it and knew he had to act fast. “I clicked on this edit and my jaw just hit the freaking floor”, said Floyd. “I couldn’t believe the ender, I had to watch it a few times”. 


“We are in the process of getting Roomet a fresh setup and all the goods.  We will be looking for him to get to some comps and show his stuff”, Floyd added.  

When asked how he felt about joining such an elite squad of riders on the Phoenix Team, Roomet said,
It's a very good feeling riding now in the Phoenix Pro Scooters Team. It's a great promotion for a 13-year old guy from a small country like Estonia. Awesome!”
We are stoked to have you on board, Roomet!

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