Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inside Exclusive: Super 60 with Tom Kvilhaug and Jordan Jasa

We're bringing it back.  Tom and I got this done yesterday at Mokena Skatepark in Illinois.  It was super hot and humid but we managed to get some rad footy.  If you would like to make a Super 60, you can download the intro here.

This is also the first video uploaded to the Inside Scooters Youtube channel.  Go ahead and subscribe for more exclusive content, we've got some more planned for you guys.  If you want to make a Super 60 (or any video) to be featured on Inside, hit us up, and if we're stoked on it, we might just upload it straight to Inside's channel.  We want to get edits of all kinds up, so hit us up at jordanjasa@gmail.com.


  1. small t bars at a skatepark smh

  2. I cannot for the life of me understand this new shift toward tall ass bars.. but dat back lip across and down the rail was so gnar

    1. they are very comfortable in my opinion and when i feel comfortable it shows in my riding

  3. I really like Tom's riding and wish more people were like that.

    -Bayley Maxcy


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