Saturday, October 20, 2012

James Gee Interview: What happened with Lucky?

I recently got together with James Gee, because myself and a lot of other people have been wondering what exactly went down with Lucky? All we knew was that the core Lucky guys were gone, and this "New Lucky" and Dakota were in. You guys can check out the interview below.

Hey James, before we get started I just want to make it clear to everyone, and to you that if we're doing, this the intention is not to bash Lucky in any way, correct?

That is correct. I have no hard feelings towards Lucky or anyone apart of the company. I will be super honest and straight forward with everything.

All right, just wanted to be clear on that. So, as everyone knows by now the core Lucky riders have left the company. Those riders being You, Evan, and Blake and some other riders. So what exactly happened dude?

And the novel begins.. It happened over a long period of time. Blake, Evan, and I have been with Lucky since the BEGINNING. Way back when it was just an idea and even when the company was based out of Brian's garage. In the beginning we loved Lucky, everything about it. We thought the parts were sick, Brian loved all of our ideas, we were coming out with tons of new videos, and promoting the company like crazy. As time went on Lucky was getting bigger and bigger. They had to make big business decisions so that the sport and the company could grow. Once Lucky was at this stage they started adding a lot more staff to the company and hiring many people for different things. Since there became more workers there needed to be more money so everyone could get paid. Everyone knows that the sport is very young and most of the riders in the sport are young kids/teenagers. The company had to do whatever they could to get that money or else there would be no Lucky. Lucky started targeting more towards the younger kids/teenagers about a year and a half ago and that is what kick started us from fading away Lucky.
We didn't agree with the decision because we are older riders we want the sport to grow up so that the scene isn't meant for just little kids and that it is for everybody. The three of us couldn't be mad though, Brian dropped everything for this company. He gave us opportunities we would have never had. Lucky is Brian's job/career and he will do anything possible to make sure he can support his family which we totally respect. Time went on and we felt the company was getting more childish. The image of Lucky was totally changing. I remember when a lot of people thought Lucky was so cool, but then people online and around the world started agreeing with us and thought Lucky was changing. During all this we had ideas for the company to get our image back in place, but they were shut down. We eventually got to the point where we didn't really enjoy what we were supporting and we weren't motivated to create videos and do the things we were asked to do. Since we didn't do those things Lucky stopped paying riders. Just like a boss would do to a worker in any other business, if you aren't doing the job they wont pay you. We got really frustrated at them because we told them we have stuck through everything with you guys for 3 years, we have provided every clip we have ever filmed for you, we helped you ever since the beginning and we felt that taking away our pay was a slap to the face.

(At one time, this was the Lucky Scooter Parts Team...Mike Montgomery wasn't here for this photo though. Everyone in the photo except Lil Jon has left the company)

A week goes by and we hear about Dakota signing a multi-year deal with Lucky. We were never informed about Dakota it was just as a surprise to us as it was to the rest of the world. Obviously if he is signing a multi-year deal the kid is obviously getting paid. Since they cut our pay a week before we totally assumed that all of our pay was going straight to this kid, though we cannot prove that, it was just an assumption. That is what really hit hard and hurt the most. The kid has done nothing for the company, he hasn't been with the company since the beginning helping it grow, and all the sudden hes the superstar of Lucky? The day we found out we went to the office and we talked to Alex Bean, the GM, and let him know we were through and it was time to move on and doing our own thing with ADVCT. We eventually went over to Brian's house and dropped the news on him too. They understood how we were feeling and they tried to keep us on, but we just couldn't. Even after quitting we were disappointed with the company. We feel that they tried to hide our departure from the company. I just wish there was a thank you to use or something that they could have released.

 Wow.. well that definitely shed some light on the whole situation. So be honest though, is it anything personal against Dakota? And Lucky's decision to bring him onto the Team?

Everyone thought that we left Lucky just because Dakota joined the team which isn't it. As you can see from the story that is not the case. People need to understand that we left because Lucky was changing as a company. Lucky WAS a street based team, everyone knows Dakota for his park riding. It was a business decision to pick up Dakota and a smart one. I think Lucky will do great with him, but that was when we knew that Lucky really has changed. We didn't even know about it until everyone else did. It was like our opinions didn't matter anymore. We didn't want to support a company that we didn't even support anymore. Definitely no beef with Dakota hes a ripper.

Damn, had no idea it went down like that. What about Brian? I know Brian to be one of the coolest dudes in the sport, How is the relationship between all of you guys now?

Brian wasn't just our boss he is a family friend. We have known him for a long time and he totally respected our decision in leaving the company. He knew that we didn't support what they were doing and that we were crossing paths and things weren't working anymore. He told us why things have changed and we totally respect him for his decisions. He said if we are ever struggling for parts that we can call him up and he can take care of us. Even after the conversation at his house when we told him we are quitting he still manages to hit me up and let me know how much we meant to him and he tells us without us he couldn't have gotten to where he is today. He is a great guy. I will miss working with him.

Yeah, I hear you there dude. He's a good dude. So basically right now, You, Evan, and Blake, who are definitely some of the top riders in the US, now have no sponsors? What are you guys' plans now?

Well Evan and Blake were sponsored by the Mothership Distributuion shop out here in Washington while they were on Lucky, so they still have that, but I just have ADVCT to look forward to. Kinglsey hit me up the other day and said that Mothership can help hook me up too. I'm not gonna go out looking for a big named company selling myself to them, but if a company came to me and wanted to talk I would definitely listen.

Cool cool. So do you guys wish that things could've gone differently between yourselves and LSP? Or was this something that was going to happen eventually anyways?

Oh yeah for sure 100%. We all wish things went differently with Lucky. I could easily say that we never wanted to leave Lucky. That is why you saw many riders come and go from the company and we always stayed. If the company stayed to its beginning roots I think Lucky would be hands down the best company out there and I would rep it so hard.
I think we all agree there man. How have things been going with ADVCT?

ADVCT has been a pain to get going, but it is finally coming all together. We got pretty much everything done now. We got a couple people hooked up to rep the company, but everyone will have to wait until the welcome videos come out. Next week the website will be open along with the shop so anyone can order some gear! Check out inside sometime next week with pictures of the products and the website release. The official release date is not set in stone, but check out our Facebook page and you will be one of the first people to know when its coming out.
Can't wait for that bro. What do you guys see in the future for Lucky?

Hmmm, Lucky is pretty damn big. Even though a lot of people are really bummed on Lucky with this set back and total image change, I think Lucky will still be one of the top brands out there. I can totally see Lucky products hitting the stores of Walmart just like you see MADD stuff. Lucky is dedicated to give the sport the best products which is why you saw a massive product drop from them. I still think they have some of the best forks out there. They are going to be in the game for a long time I can imagine.
Any last words you want to say to anyone, or Lucky? And if you got any shout outs, let em go.

Thanks a whole lot Brian for everything you have done for me. Thanks Lucky for giving me the opportunity to travel around the US to do what I love the most. Thanks to everyone who supports ADVCT Δ. Like the ADVCT facebook page and follow us on Instagram @advct. Swerve.


  1. pretty bummed that it seems like nobody gives a fuck that the main fucking head shredder stefan also left lucky and i dont think anybody really gives a fuck. he is one of the best riders right now 100% forsure. just wait till his video drops...

    but yea the whole lucky shit is a bummer

  2. Nah I hear you. Just saying that Evan, James, and Blake were there from before Lucky was even Lucky. Stefan got picked up later on. But overall the whole thing is pretty bad.

  3. pretty lame of lucky, Also most of this will go unheard and kids still won't know shit. The OG guys of lucky deserve way more credit, they basically created the image and first customer base for lucky. Dick move.


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