Monday, October 15, 2012

Phoenix's Jeremy Mallot's Custom Scooter

We have the ISA World Championships coming up in The UK, and Phoenix Pro Rider Jeremy Mallot will be competing, in style. The owner of Phoenix Pro Scooters, Tom Floyd wanted to do something a little special for Jeremy, and reached out to a buddy that paints as a hobby. Tom wanted to know if that guy can paint the Reventon Deck in a Stars and Stripes theme...and man did he. That might be the sickest custom paint job on a scooter I've ever seen.

You guys won't be able to miss Jeremy at the ISA Championships, that's for sure. Check out the deck below.


  1. This is what most of the decks should look like cause you can throw a sick design on them whether like this or a graphic on the bottom of the decks.

  2. Best be using clear grip tape hahaha

  3. imma put a layer of thin carbon fiber on mine and then gloss it up


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