Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ISA Best Trick

Here we have some insane tricks being thrown for best trick.  Frontflip whip rewind rewind? Unreal.  But Rwilly's perfect 1080 over the box was what won the gold wheel, as you can see...as well as 1500 pounds ($2411.70 USD).  Ryan also went ahead and did a double flair because he's that good.


  1. Front flip rewind rewind by Dakota should have won, it was the only worlds first.

  2. ^^who cares if its a world first, i can go do a 180 nothing to fakie and its a world first, doesnt mean it should win best trick. but i agree dakotas frontflip rewind rewind was insane and should have won, i also wanna rewatch his heelwhip catch bri bri, he landed it like 1st or 2nd try too.

  3. Lol the double flair is what won, not the 1080.

  4. if a flare is a back flip 180 than shouldn't a double flare be 2 back flips and a 360

    1. Its a double flip - air....double flair

  5. Jean-Yves RandriambelsonNovember 1, 2012 at 3:07 AM

    You guys weren't there !!! The double flair was just insane and a lot effort was put into it and it was the last trick landed at the comp and the one everybody enjoyed the most ( riders and crowd ). anybody who was at this comp agree that Ryan deserved the 1500 pounds he won for best trick !!


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