Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scooter Xtreme at the ISA World Championships

Most companies are getting ready to head out to The UK to get set up for the ISA World Championships, and Scooter Xtreme are going as well. Check out the press release issued below for more information.

The last week of October is coming and at this point, as you all know, the Final of the Scooter Freestyle World Championship will be held at the Skatepark Indoor in Deeside (North Wales, UK) on 27 and 28.

A weekend in which we will be able to see the best riders of the planet compete, each representing the continents where they come from, so it will be a three-way battle between USA, Europe and Australia.

But this weekend is not limited to the Grand Final, as you can enjoy open sessions, ride with the Pros, join Big Trick competitions, Comp Bowl and so on.

In addition, there will be a big exhibition area where you can meet the Pros, watch live interviews and Q&A sessions, visit lots of stands, know the brands’ new features.

Scooter Xtreme could not miss this unique opportunity and we will be in first person there. We will have our own Stand just in front of the ramps, next to Gizmania and Skatehut. We will take items to sell and some surprises for those who come and visit us. We will track the whole competition and take pictures and videos so any of you won’t miss any details.

Below is a layout of the skatepark, and as you guys can see there are plenty of companies that will be there.

Also below is Scooter Xtreme's latest Team edit. They're not too bad, but definitely need to cut down on some of the fly out. Some of their riders could use some individual edits as well, so we can get a better idea of what they can do.

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