Friday, October 19, 2012

Sky High and Tilt Presents: Chicago Street Jam #2

It's finally here.  About 2 months ago the street elitists gathered to throw down for cash prizes in the windy city of Chicago.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was one of the best days ever, probably better than last years' jam.  Complete with ghetto people shenanigans, scooters flying into the lake, and getting kicked out of a spot by President Obama.  Tommy Daddono and I handled most of the filming, with a little contribution by TomK.  Edited by Tdadd as well.


  1. So many douchebags in one place together. Not Greg or Lo G though.

    1. so many anonymous bitch ass kids

  2. Like the third tag haha

  3. Whos the rider at 1:35 in the blue shirt? because hes goes hard throughtout the entire video!!

  4. i got to sesh with andy koke at the sacramento ride day... he absolutely shreds

  5. Andy Koke is easily one of the best riders around right now and hardly anybody even knows it yet. -Stefan

  6. this was such a legit edit. this gives scooters a good look. really did enjoy watching this and does look like it was a really fun cool day. lots of steezy riders throwing down all together is really what scootering needs so people can see its not just a fag sport of a bunch of little kids doing flips and cant even do tail whips with colorful gay scooters.


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