Friday, July 22, 2011

Peg Tech

Collin over at Tilt sent this over to me to post, great tutorial on installation of pegs.  Check it out:

It seems like every day we get a question about running four pegs or putting pegs on with a spacer. Hopefully this article will clear things up. What you need:

Start off with a set of Park or Chromo pegs. In this article, I will be using a set of Park pegs.

The best way to put pegs on requires a ratchet, 13mm or 1/2″ deep well socket, and a 6mm hex key. A normal wrench will work, but a socket is better as described below.

All Tilt pegs are designed to have the ‘nut end’ of the hardware tighten inside of the peg. Put the bolt through from the opposite side you want the peg on, put the peg on the other side, and then tighten the nut inside of the peg using the deep well socket. The result should look something like this:

Since the ‘nut end’ of the hardware fits inside of the peg, pegs can be easily used on both sides of the deck/fork. Only a longer axle is necessary to use pegs on both sides. I used a back axle on the front and got this result:

To allow pegs to fit on an Madd deck and other components, Tilt now includes a spacer with each set of pegs. The spacer fits between the deck/fork and the peg.

Thanks to Inward Scooters for supplying the Madd deck -
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