Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lewis Williams New Edit

Another new insane edit from Lewis Williams. To some it may seem that Lewis is an Aussie rider trapped in the UK, at least when it comes to his trick style. He has some really nice combos in here, and it seems like he can beast this park pretty well too. Check out his latest edit below.


  1. thank god. finally a park edit with no flyout!

  2. amen^ to first comment anon.
    and perfect description steven

  3. This kid should be on Madd Gear, he is gay enough to be on it.
    -Tom K and Kelly Z.

  4. damn, Mega catch on everything!

  5. Excuse me while i pick my jaw off the floor, this guy throws down some crazy combo tricks! Love the music for this too. Noisestorm rules


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