Friday, July 22, 2011

ECX Summer Tour Hits Ocean City, MD

ECX is hitting the road again with yet another stop of their Summer Tour. A lot of people will be happy to know that HepGreg WILL be showing up to this stop. So prepare for footage of that. Upchurch will also be back. For more information check the piece below from ECX.


ECX is on a mission to have scooters accepted at every park in the country. That is the reason for the ECX Summer Scooter Tour. The tour continues this weekend in Ocean City MD during the 2011 Dew Tour. Exposure will be huge and the guys will be on the beach handing out fliers and getting people pumped on scooters! We have also contracted with the Ocean Pines Skatepark just 5 minutes from the boardwalk to have a Freestyle Scooter Only Demo this Saturday from 5-7pm. ECX Riders will be there along with the Vitamin Water Crew handing out free stuff and showing people what Freestyle Scootering is all about. Pro riders Ryan Upchurch will be there fresh off his European Tour and 2nd Place Razor Global Domination finish. Ryan will be joined by other ECX Pro riders Hep Greg, Jon Devrind and Brandon Ruhl along with the rest of the ECX Team!

If you will be in Ocean City this weekend grab your friends and head over to Ocean Pines to ride with the crew and help us build the sport so that next year we can be on the beach with our own event in the Dew Tour!


  1. round up them parks fellas. Dont let them give you the bullshit, "our insurance dosn't allow scooters" excuse. Best bet is to show up to the park with as many local scooter kids from that area as possible. Parks are for the community, and if the community wants to ride scooters in there nothing should be stopping them.

  2. Yooo I went to this place last summer. Its legitt


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