Sunday, July 17, 2011

ECX Summer Tour Update (XW 6)

ShopECX is still on their summer tour, and they were recently at the Xtreme Wheels 6 Competition, where they had quite the showing. For more information check out the article below written by ShopECX owner, Mike Lashbrooke.

The ECX Summer Scooter Tour continued last week with a team trip to the XW6 Contest in Buffalo NY. The guys packed up the show trailer with tons of gear to sell and lots of Vitamin Water to keep them going and headed out last Thursday morning for the 8 hour trek to Buffalo. They were joined by 2 ECX Flow riders from Florida, Tabitha Windle and Vince Pernas. Tabitha and Vince drove 22 hours straight to get to the event!

Once we settled in to the hotel, the guys headed down to Niagara Falls to check out the night sights. If you have never seen the falls at night, you definitely should, it is pretty cool. The next morning we headed back to check out the falls in daylight and it is even more amazing than at night. Everyone rode their scooters around the falls including ECX owner Mike Lashbrook who was kicking around a new District DK-V2I complete. A few ledges were grinded for the video, but it was more of a sight seeing trip. After lunch, the team headed over to Xtreme Wheels to get in a practice session until 11pm.

The following morning everyone was up early and ready to go! OG team rider Andy Bradford drove up during the night and was there to lead the team in a warm-up stretch session on the hill that ended up drawing a bunch of riders like JD from Addict, Hunter Bechtle from ZG and the MC of the event Jake Hershey. After the stretch and a prayer led by the team minister Joey Aria, the guys (and gal) were ready to ride.

The competition ran without a hitch and many fresh lines and tricks were thrown down. ECX had 9 riders competing in the event. A few couldn't make it like team manager Ryan Upchurch who was busy finishing 2nd place over in Europe at the Razor Invitational and landing 900's on 14' vert ramps! So we missed him, but are stoked at the opportunity that he had to head over seas.

After the dust settled over the competition, the ECX team was left holding the bag(s) of prizes and trophies that is... The team riders ended up placing 1st and 2nd in Beginner and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in advanced! This just shows the level of dedication that ECX team riders have. Even after everyone headed home, the ECX crew stayed around filming until closing, then headed over to the World Famous Duff's for some victory wings! All in all, the Buffalo trip was a huge success and a great opportunity for people to see the potential of this team. On the way back to Delaware the guys insisted on stopping to film at a few parks along the way... they just never stop!

After a one week break, the ECX Summer Tour continues on July 21st with a trip to Ocean City Maryland for the 2011 Dew Tour and a Scooter Demo at Ocean Pines Skatepark on Saturday the 24th from 5-7pm. If you are in the Ocean City area, please stop out to Ocean Pines and support the crew! ECX's tour sponsor Vitamin Water will have staff on hand with free drinks and ECX will be giving out some free goodies too. Don't miss it!

Next Stop - Ohio Dreams Week 7 - Stay Tuned to IS for details and reports!

Thank you,
Mike Lashbrook
ECX Sports Inc.


  1. What's the girls name??? :D

  2. Ocmd is gunna be sick soo glad I'm local:)

  3. Correction... ecx finished 1 2 3 in intermediate...NOT advanced/pro. good job by all... although some of the ecx riders have already competed AND placed in the pro division. billy evers for example is a great rider, in my opinion, and would have done excellent in pro. results for pro were 1 dan barrette 2 gus rymer 3 jon reyes. kudos to gus and brandon r (ecx) for stickin with pro and proving a point... step up...not down.. and try to compete with people as good as you or better, just to get better yourself and keep fairness and equality in our sport

  4. #1 Post a name if you are going to call people out.
    #2 The categories according to the schedule were Beginner, Advanced and Pro. NO ECX Riders have EVER competed and placed in Pro at XW. The Only rider to ever place in a Pro event was Billy Evers and that was at this years ECX Spring event whith only 8 Pro Riders. Billy was given a spot on the team but was instructed by ME to compete in Intermediate until I feel he is ready for PRO. Billy is 15 years old and is in no rush to be called a PRO rider yet. There is a big problem with this sport with so many 14 and 15 year olds thinking they are PROFESSIONAL Riders. It takes more than placing in a small contest with less than 10 riders to call yourself a PRO. Pro riders need to be 100% dedicated and have the time, money and backing to compete in events all over the world. I don't know too many 15 year olds that can do that. So, if you have a problem with my riders or my recap of the event, please drop me an email at with your real name and we can discuss it.

  5. @mike intresting although i have to agree with....... both of u!! anon makes a good point, as well as u do too. his/her comment dznt call out anyone and the only "problem" i see with anon and ecx is it actualy gives props to ecx riders from wat i read, ur comment about age and category is spot on too and a comp is a comp and if ur payiny ur riders u have the choice to place them where u feel.......cheers to both

  6. stayngreen@gmailJuly 18, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    #1 no callin out no need to post a name
    #2 beginner INTERMEDIATE and advanced
    #3 beginner was started this year
    #4 official flyer on xtreme wheels fb page posted rite here on IS "beginner-intermediate-pro/best trick"
    take constructive critism and use it yo ur advantage

  7. I guess I'm the Team Minister now lol.

  8. You like how I gave you that "title" Joey? haha

    On the prizes that were handed out to the Intermediate winners it was written "Advanced" and on the Pros was written "Pro" thats why I wrote it like that. IMO Intermediate/Advanced was the same thing and Pro was Pro. Anyway, not trying to argue, just a proud papa defending his cubs!

    We are involved in this sport for the love of it! Thanks to everyone for caring enough to even take time to post!


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