Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blunt Scooters Announces: Blunt Scooters GripTape

Sure a lot of companies make Bars, Forks, and now even Decks. But it seems like very few companies take the time to dedicate themselves to making some of the smaller, although still very important parts for our sport. Like griptape for example. We are constantly having to go to Skateboard shops to get our griptape. Well Blunt Scooters stepped up to the plate, and recently made their very own line of griptape...and this stuff looks sick.

Here are some details to know about the griptape.

- Cost 7$ Aus
- Fits any kind of scooter
- Available in 5 colors
- Resistant to water and extremely grippy

Right now you can get this griptape at Rampfest. So head over there right now and check it out by following this link. RampFest Also starting May 20th, the FULL line of Blunt Griptape will be in stores...featuring 40 different colors!

AND Just a reminder to everyone in Australia and New Zealand! BluntScooters is still holding their contest..Where ALL you have to do is ENTER and you have a chance to win a FULL YEARS worth of Blunt Scooter Gear equivalent to 1,000 dollars of parts. Updates on that competition will come in the near future. Make sure you and all of your friends enter this competition, because someone is going to get lucky and win a free years worth of some really high quality stuff. Click the link below to enter the contest!


And do you guys use FaceBook? Then add BluntScooters! Here is their brand new FaceBook account! BluntScooters Facebook

So keep checking Inside-Scooters for ALL your updates on Blunt Scooters, including, coming soon some really great pictures of some of the parts that Blunt will be coming out with soon.


  1. oh damn..I think ill buy some this weekend if i can get down to rampfest

  2. I saw them today, the colours are amazing!!

  3. Grenades skulls and squares..
    Sorry but I really don't like the designes at all.
    But still, it's tight that they make griptape!

  4. The only reason I wouldn't buy is because of that skull. Blunt, if you read this, please consider a redesign of your logo. Most people in the sport have seen enough skulls.

    Grip looks great though, I'm stoked some body started making grip just for scooters.

  5. Funny thing I just got griptape from a skate shop earlier today.

  6. Yo, Blunt here.
    The logo we are using is not something that we have spent a lot of time on thus far because our attention has been more focused on the development of our products. It's something I drew up a couple of years ago. Once we get a bit of time on our hands we will go back and have a look at it.
    But thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

  7. stuff looks super flamboyant.

  8. wow griptape is cool goonna get some for real yeayea

  9. soz blunt, but it looks lik you are just another scooter name jumpin in. wot really matters to me and my mates is how good the gear is. but yeh, weev all seen enuf skuls and stuff.


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