Monday, May 24, 2010

The Razor Exposed Tour Stop #1 Results

Yesterday, was the first stop of The Razor Exposed Tour....and it went amazing. I was there to help out and so were a lot of other old school riders like Ricky Wernicke, and Chris Daigle. But the guys who stole the show as always, were the riders. The Razor Exposed Tour is a four stop tour, with three more to go. ALL points that riders earn from their runs are saved up...and at the last tour stop, we will crown an overall champion. Below are the results from yesterday, and below that is the overall Tour Points standings.


1st- Kevin Barker
2nd- Andrew Koeleman
3rd Alex Martin


1st- Corey Funk
2nd- Vincent Kudrna
3rd- Ryan Wells


1st- Tyler Bonner
2nd- Raymond Warner
3rd- Capron Funk

For the full results check here later as they will be posted later in the day

For the Points Standings here are the top 5 leaders in their divisions.


1.Kevin Barker- 29 points
2.Andrew Koeleman- 24 points
3.Alex Martin- 19 points
4.George Hong- 16 points
5.Billy Savell- 14 points


1.Corey Funk- 63 points
2.Vincent Kudrna- 53 points
3.Ryan Wells- 43 points
4.Dalton Bennet- 38 points
5.Jake Frederickson- 33 points


1.Tyler Bonner- 114 points
2.Raymond Warner- 94 points
3.Capron Funk- 74 points
4.Nick Donatelli- 64 points
4.Dakota Schuetz- 54 points

For full points standings check the link below later as they will be posted soon

Best Trick

Nick Donatelli Truck Driver huge gap first try......TOO clean..

This competition was I'm sure the videos will show. Raymond Warner in best trick landed a ridiculously clean Quad Whip to Late Barspin. But it wasn't enough to beat out street rider Nick Donatelli's huge truckdriver.

The beginner division really showcased what the future holds for our sport...these kids were awesome. 5 year old Jordan Robles was out there doing his best, and he was great. BUt the consistency of Kevin Barker was amazing which led to him taking first place.

Intermediate was stacked with competition..Tyler Wheeland was going huge, Cam Ward was riding with a broken wrist fully casted....and Corey Funk was as consistent as ever as he rode into first place.

The Pro Division...As you all know from checking the points standings. Yes, Dakota was there. In practice, he was landing double bri flip to whips from quarter bank. Flip to fakies, big flairs and tons of other tricks. With a flawless first run, it looked like he would be making it into top 3 for sure. But his second run he tried to start it with a big 1080, and just couldnt stick it. Which threw his run off. Raymond Warner was on fire, landing literally every single one of his tricks, including flip to fakies, and using a lot of the course. Doing everything clean and with tons of speed. But he was JUST BARELY beaten out by Tyler Bonner. T-Bone came out swinging, using all of the biggest ramps at the park, but he saved the big stuff for his second run. Where he landed a super clean 1080 and then whipped back into the landing, and followed it up with a flair whip. Sealing the deal, and getting him first place in the Pro Comp. Following up Tyler and Raymond was Capron Funk who like Raymond was using the entire course, and was really consistent through out. In best trick he was soooo close to landing a tailwhip front scooterflip to triple whip.

I think it's clear now that the pro competition is going to be one to watch closely. With Dakota, Tyler, Raymond, and Capron being the guys to chase in the Tour.

As always for all breaking news on The Razor Exposed Tour, and all updates and news in the sport. Keep checking Inside-Scooters.


  1. sooooooooooooo fun

  2. damn you guys HAVE TO come down here and tour the east... in including Georgia! ill be there for sure!

  3. donatelli <33

  4. it was amazing so stoked i placed

  5. lmfao! double 4s in pro points and ewwwwwww dakota cam in 5th? shouldve came in last lol

    but nahhhhh i sounded like fun

  6. ha it was my first comp too(:

  7. I cant beleve i had to miss this It would have been sooo sick

  8. The MADD Tent had music they were super cool

  9. ...hasn't corey been winning am comps for like 2 years now lol? they needta get that kid in pro for good (cam too)

    sounds like a crazy comp though, best trick sounds like it was nuts

  10. was Cam the kid with a cast in am?

  11. ya cam had a broken wrist..and was still shredding


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