Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get to Know SOA + New SOA Team Rider

Scooters Only Australia was one of the first companies I ever remember coming out of Australia and starting to sponsor local riders. They have came long way since their early years...to help everyone get to know them I recently caught up with Justin the owner of SOA and asked him a few questions. Check out the interview below.
Steven: So when exactly did SOA start, and why was it started?

Justin: SOA was founded Back in early 2008, Starting on eBay with scooter products, we have traded online now for 7 years via eBay & website’s we started in video games like SONY, Nintendo & Mircosoft basicly cause gaming was a passion/Hobbie for me back then after sum years trading in video games & console modchips/installs I was at my local shopping mail then walked past the toy window to know the razor’s were on special so I walked in got one headed of to the skate park, after not riding for over 4 years & yeah just feel in love with the sport once again, this was back in early 2008 after sum research to find sum actual scooter parts I wouldn’t break like my razor I just got I searched the net finding not much so I set out a goal to offer clients what I always dreamed of & wanted as a young scooter rider from the year 2001 when I started, basicly started of there with the simple yak & razor stuff on eBay until we started the new company now called Scooters Only Australia Pty ltd we sort merged from eBay to our SOA website which lead us to where we are today, there is a lot more to the story we just didn’t want to bore you all.

Steven: I remember SOA as being one of the first companies to start making and selling pegs, what made you guys want to make pegs?

Justin: Well this again comes back to my days of riding from 2001, around 2003 just before I stopped I made sum home made pegs, like we always had the sockets & blade scooter brakes had a insert we used for pegs but it just didn’t cut it, in 2003 I made sum welded hand made aussie pegs I used until I sort not really grow out of scooters or didn’t love it, basicly growing up & work took over making it hard to ride all the time.

But when I came back to the sport in 2008 I had notice there wasn’t pegs still years later this hadn’t been done by any company I had heard of so that was the first product we designed to make for our clients, as you guys both know from riding them they are a great product depending on the model or scooter set up you had for the time back then over 1 year ago there wasn’t many pegs like these days, we had redesigned out product bout 6 times, not that it was no good, just basicly cause of the change of market like new forks out, new decks compared to when we started with mainly just pro or micro decks to work with, we actually bring out the BMX style pegs ages ago but the market didn’t seem to be interested then only interested in the solid axle peg models we had, as you can see now most of the pegs out to date are a bmx style/designed peg on a scooter scale size just shows you how the sport has grown also the interest from clients & companies these days I believe its great to its just making this sport lead to were it should be at.

Steven: After a while, SOA kind of disappeared? Can you tell us what happened in that time you were absent?

Justin: Well basicly work took over not SOA, but my other full time job as a chef we had big plans for SOA last year then I got sort busy working in the industry ive been in for over 10 years, my online gaming then SOA business wasn’t a full time thing it was a hobbie to do with stuff like loved & had passion for which was gaming & scooters but as you see scooters more it took over me, we did have website server troubles during this time when I was working 65+ hrs a week so we sort had to stop I had no time & yeah it really hurt me that I couldn’t keep up the plans we had set inplace priour to starting the company name & website. How ever things now have changed as you might notice & we are growing rapidly like the boiling water at my old work every day.

Steven: Being back now, what can we expect from SOA in the future?

Justin: Well we can give away too much we for the time until we release the SOA new range which is mostly 100% Australian Manufactured Products we will only be stocking brands we retail for, we have a number at the moment with most the fine quality international brand which as a rider myself I beleave in this basicly is our moto that if I wouldn’t ride it or let my cousin ride it I wouldn’t stock or sell it, as for our SOA range we can give u a teaser with out spilling the beans to much, we have baiscly a full range of quality after market parts basicly setting a new standard with No Welds yes I hope we confuse you all with saying this, but it is true we will release a range of products from Decks, forks, bars, clamps & brakes all aussie made which is a first all high end quality material & designs there will be a new website for this range aside from the SOA store so look out for this in the future

Steven: Being one of the very first companies we worked with Inside-Scooters over a year ago, It's good to have you back. What made you want to work with IS again?

Justin: Well basicly the above reply relates to this, basicly we have started as a full time company so we are back here with you guys

Steven: Thanks Justin, do you have any last words?

Justin: Well I think I raved on too much as always we would just like to thanks every one around the world for your support & special thanks you guys at inside for the support yopu have given us since our return in 2010, we look forward to working with the community to bring a brighter future to this sport.

So after reading that, I think it's clear that we have one more legit company in our sport. Also below is their latest rider to have been made a part of the SOA Team.

Frano Briski is from the Goldcoast in Australia, and recently finished his latest SOA Edit. Check it out below...and expect to see more good things from Frano and the rest of the riders at SOA in the future on Inside-Scooters.


  1. legit. im looking forward to the new stuff. Keep it up SOA

  2. You guys should really update your site, it's really ugly, the lay-out and the fonts.

    But SOA is really legit!
    Can't wait to see the new products!
    In Dutch a "SOA" meens a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), lol

  3. we are updating the site to a new one soon bare with us

  4. yo that was sick


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