Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Exposed Tour Gets a Slight Name Change..

Something that has the whole sport buzzing is the recent news of “The Exposed Tour”. The Exposed Tour is the first real Competition circuit in our sport. The Tour is taking place on the West Coast, and it has been said that if this goes well…There will be an East Coast Exposed Tour, and Midwest Exposed Tour.

While The Exposed Tour has a huge list of sponsoring companies, one company has agreed to be the Title Sponsor. That company, is Razor USA. So the name of the competition circuit is now going to be known as, “The Razor Exposed Tour”.

Now before anyone gets worried that the rules or tour stops might be changed by Razor, think again. This tour is still going to be coordinated and organized by the original people behind it. What Razor is doing is using all of its popularity and connections to help promote this tour far beyond what could have been done without them. They are looking forward to working with all of the new companies that are involved with Freestyle Scootering, and view this as an opportunity to renew and expand their support of our sport.

For Razor to step up as the Title Sponsor of the Exposed Tour shows that they see a lot of promise in the sport of Freestyle Scootering. The Exposed Tour becoming The Razor Exposed Tour means good news not just for the Tour itself, but for everyone who is competing. This competition circuit could very well set a new standard in the sport of Freestyle Scootering.

For any and ALL updates on The Razor Exposed Tour be sure to check Inside-Scooters.

Here are the official dates and locations for the Razor Exposed Tour:

May 23, 2010 Krause Family Skate Park (YMCA) San Diego, Ca

August 28, 2010 Battle Ground Skate Park Battle Ground, Wa

September 18, 2010 X-Court Glendale, Az

October 17, 2010 Skate Barn West Renton, Wa


  1. Really interesting to see them come aboard, I'll be looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the series.

  2. yeah i think this tour should be more northern. I live in vancouver and i would only be able to go to one of these :(

  3. they completely skip norcal in the stops

  4. shame its razor a company in it for the cash and not for the riders.

  5. dont worry mate you had the olympics.
    hope to be able to go to one of these one day.

  6. tour aus! like saint kilda fest but give em beta ramps!!

  7. where are the stops in the midwest tour gona be??? if the aint been announced the should do one at ollies

  8. James...and everyone wondering about international branches of The Exposed Tour...need to remember and read above. That this first West Coast tour is basically so the people behind Exposed can see how many people show up and compete...IF things go well, that is when the possibilities of a MidWest and East Coast Tour will become possible.


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