Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Veltum Super 60 + Interview

You probably don't recognize the name too well. Which is why I decided to do a short interview along with the Super 60 that David sent in to me. I was really impressed with the riding...and thought he deserved a little bit more exposed than he had. So check out his interview, and check that Super 60 at the end.

Steven: Name, Age, and Location?

David: David Veltum. 16 Years Old. Westerville, Ohio.
Steven: Tell us about your current set up?

David: Back in the day I used to always have the worst setup out of all the people I rode with. Things have changed a bit, now I have one of the best setups. I ride a TSI deck, Silver Proto SCS, Two White Proto Grippers, Cane Creek S-3 Headset, Stiker Fork, Black Unleashed Bars, and Black ODI Longneck Grips.

Steven: What made you want to try doing a Super 60 for IS?

David: I have always thought Super 60's were really cool and a really good way to show your consistency. Just one day when we were going to JFK Skatepark in Reynoldsburg, Ohio I thought it would be cool to film and hopefully make a Super 60 for Inside Scooters. I usually am not someone who likes to take time out of riding to film, which is why I dont have many videos. I am beginning to like filming more and I am working on a new video coming out soon.

Steven: When did you start scootering, and what keeps you riding today?

David: I started scootering back in 2006 and rode untill 2007. I stopped riding for a while because hockey took up a big portion of my time. I decided one day in 2009 I was going to go up to the skatepark again and just have some fun. Going to the skatepark again made me realize how much fun it was. So now with not much else in the way scootering is largely back in my life. I am riding about 4-5 times a week and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon at all.

Steven: Who are some of your favorite riders to ride with?

David: The people I mostly ride with are some members of the Unleashed Team which is Dylan Becker, Zach Fritz and Justin Kay.

Steven: What plans do you got for the future?

David: I am currently working on a sponsor video, and later on down the road I am planning on making a Summer Edit. Later on Scoot Ohio is taking place again, I am soo excited for that to happen and if your not planning on coming out you should deffinately try.

Steven: Any last words David?

David: I am glad that scootering has become what it is today and I am very excited to see where else its going. Scootering has deffinately gotten more popular over the past couple years and I am very glad to be apart of it.

Also David is currently looking for some sponsors. If you are interested in talking to David about a possible sponsorship can reach him at this email address below. And stay tuned for David's sponsor video, that we will be showing here at Inside-Scooters.


  1. This dudes got mad steeze..super smooth

  2. Haha his downside whips remind me of Kasson! Sick stuff

  3. sick riding.. haha same ^ :)

  4. everyone on tsi's have the same style

  5. Sooo sick had fun filming this hehe

  6. idk HOW you ride that park!
    its mad eof what...compressed recycled milk jugs?

    soooo slick dude i almost died every run i took.

    nice vid, ladt clip was gnar

  7. Not as long as some super60's, but i enjoyed it just as much. Realllly nice style, can't wait to see more riding.
    I liked the downwhip to fakie off the ledge and the doubledownwhip off that pimple thing. Awesome.

  8. that dub whip was fast haha

  9. i went crazy when you landed tht dub whip. sick vid bro.

  10. haha, such a sick clean style.
    and loving the frontside shit.

  11. this kid sucks so much ass but his sisters hot


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