Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn a Little More About ScooterHut!

Scooter Hut is up and running!

Exciting news for the Australian scooting community! Scooter Hut is now online! You can find some of the best scooter brands at great prices at scooterhut.com.au

Scooter Hut is the Home of Scooting. Our goal is to make the sport of scooting accessible to more people by offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.
Our retail shop is based in Burleigh on the Gold Coast, just metres from the world famous Billabong HQ, and has been serving the local scooting community for nearly two years. The Scooter Hut retail shop is unique in that we have a large specialist workshop area where the local riders can come and work on customizing their scooters using our tools and parts.
Our new online shop has a wide range of scooter parts and accessories to suit any budget. Our stock is amongst the largest in Australia, and our aim is to increase our online product range as we grow.
Check out our products online!

Only $49 for bars!

Only $18.50 for Yak Metal core!

And a wide range of custom scooters from $120.

Who are we?
Scooter Hut is Australia’s premier scooter specialist. The Scooter Hut team - Scott, Sandra and Travis - are passionate about the sport of scooting, the products that we sell and our loyal customers that we serve. As well as providing friendly service, great value and fast delivery, we are also happy to offer independent advice on everything to do with scooters.

Where are we?
We are located at 16 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD
and are open Mon – Fri 7.30am – 5.00pm, Sat 8am – 2pm.
(or 24/7 on the web!)


  1. hi scooter hut, this is more for the younger crowd your gear/parts not the hard core riders

    :) but nice prices on that stuff kidds sure love you :)

    its just when you annouced you wait your one of the 3 companys in australian in the blog, but your forgot to say SOA, lot locals said that to me so had comment on that, theres now Blunt scooters, Madd gear scooter (MGP) SOA & Now Scooter hut 4 in total but good growing i like

  2. low blow man, low blow

  3. Uhhh...I fail to see how its for the younger crowd? Its Bars, Decks, Wheels, Bearings, etc...........If anything they are ten times more professional and organized than SOA can ever hope to be...

  4. lol SOA, They dont stock lucky or phoneix, he has like 10 eagle wheelsd OMG there trying to cut into freestyle market, its a kiddys store & kiddys scooters, SOA is never about trying ti look professional we already are & Legit @Joey you sound like scott the huts owner

  5. Joey said...
    Uhhh...I fail to see how its for the younger crowd? Its Bars, Decks, Wheels, Bearings, etc...........If anything they are ten times more professional and organized than SOA can ever hope to be...

    there was no need to attack SOA, i think you just had a go at them because thats the only defense you have in regards to the scooter hut u pathetic worm

  6. Easy people..

    I find it funny how a new company pops up to help the sport in Australia, and instead of them being embraced...you people try to find things wrong with them......kind of sad to be honest.

  7. If they open a store/shop/company.
    They should know they are going to be judged or criticized...

  8. Especially in the sport of scootering...filled with a bunch of immature little kids..like the anonymous poster above.

  9. ima going in 4 a huge order soon scooterhut be ready

  10. yeah honestly if your post sum thing why be anonymous anyway i dont want argue i just saying the products are for the younger crowd of this sport, the hut is not new, ive known of them for 2 years, reason i dis them i little, they copy skate huts website & theme, ok your names fine but you copy there gimick & website directly ADMIT that!


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