Thursday, May 20, 2010

The State of the Industry as seen by Travis House

You all are unique. If you are reading this, you are already a part of this sports history. Everything that happens to this sport in the future, we will be the developers of.

I came into this like most of you, I was 12 years old at the early 2000’s scooter craze and somehow came across RVM and Scooter Resource. We have watched as tricks were invented and just about every “world first” that was worth a damn along the way. We have seen a few versions of SR and a total forum shift to the memorable TPC forums and back again. I mean, the memory of the first Thrill Zone Comp still feels like yesterday for us but look what has happened in such a short time! Just look at the poster for Razors Exposed Tour. See all those tiny logos at the bottom? They are scooter companies, every one of them (minus Inside Scooters, of course). It’s not only Razor and Micro to choose anymore and it’s crazy to think about that in retrospect.

I digress, like I said, you all are a part of this extraordinary growth and progress the sport has endured, so the events that take place in the next five to seven years could end up defining our hobby later into a mass-marketed sport with countless company’s, riders and opportunity.

Of course, that only happens if we get this right. Seems to me every single one of us who have dedicated ourselves to this sport have a responsibly to make sure the scene itself doesn’t crumble before we get there.

The companies: You guys keep on doing what you are doing. You are the backbone of the scene now and we should be more APPRECIATIVE for everything you and your staff do. It is by your existence and dedication that we even have a choice of what to ride. Don’t sweat people cherping you out because you product looks like another companies or might have paint or finish malfunctions in the start. You can only make bars so many ways and in the end there will be a ton of companies selling crows, slayers or wherever with their logo on it.

The new/younger riders: Look up to riders, that’s fine, but please don’t try to ride like them. What we do is a personal expression and you won’t be you if you’re expressing someone else. It is through your creativity that the riding quality itself will progress long past the point our knees can take it, so be an artist with your riding.

I’ve only been back actively in the scene for a few months now but I can see we have an incredible thing going here, folks. We should be proud. We are doing what we all once talked about. So get out there, ride and be happy ‘cause as soon as all my parts come in, I am going stand on that scooter and I’m finally going to feel at home. =)

All words taken directly from (THIS) thread.
I in no way take any credit for the words written here, they are all from the mind of Travis House.


  1. No one could have said it better than you. even when i first started back in early 2006 the sport was nothing compared to what it is now.

    I was actually talking to CSC danny rambert about this same subject earlier today, the progression of scooters as a whole has gotten soo much bigger than he ever imagined.

    Great write up travis, its real good to see you back :)

  2. Wow Aaron! Thanks for posting this up here man :)

    Nice to be back Nick! Thanks dude.

  3. that writeup really made me feel unique and like im needed in the sport.
    That first rail trick was ridiculous! and loved the 7:)

  4. Merci Travis i like the way you think cos it's kinda the same for all the riders that elevate this sport and started riding with fucked scooters in 2000. Don't worry we keepin it up every second


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