Monday, May 31, 2010

Monkez Prod. -Jungle Video Trailer

Monkez Prod is a group of riders from France that are big fans of the site. They sent us the teaser for their video, which will be out in Autumn of this year, so we thought we'd return the favor, and support them by showcasing their video right here on IS. The crew also has BMX and skateboarders in it, and they all shred the gnar.

Here's a little more about them:

"Monkez Prod. is a family of 8 Riders. We have Skater, BMX rider, and scooter rider. We ride all the time together, because we are in the same town.
The name of the riders is :
Sinan AlFaour (Scooter)
Nicolas Kittirath (Scooter)
Lyes Hamroun (Scoter)
Valentin Verg├Ęs (BMX)
Sebastien Marteaux (BMX)
Alexander Bown (Skate)
Eliott Forin (Skate)
Vincent Thebault (Skate)
We make T-shirt and Stickers, but we thinks we don't make scooter parts, skate parts or BMX parts. JUNGLE Video will last 40min, with parts of riders and friends parts. We also film a Contest of BMX.


  1. A song title would be amazing please, anyone! :D

  2. the very first person looks exactly like jordie robinson

  3. And the artist is Clint Mansell btw

  4. Requiem for a Dream. Can't remember the artist. Haven't you seen Lord of the rings?

  5. Oh yes there will be blood!

  6. you just said havent you seen lord of the rings when the song is the introduction to requiem for a dream. hahaha

  7. Thank's Steven and Jordan :) I see Requiem For a Dream, but not Lord of The Rings ;) If you Like our team, go on :D (The site is in French, but you can translate on google translate :P The last link is broke, if you want to look the poster here :

    Bye, Sinan


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