Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 23rd Stop #1 of "The Razor Exposed Tour"

Check out the new flyer for stop number one of the tour. EVERYONE should be trying to make it out to this if you are in the area. It is going to be a great competition, amazing sponsors, and great prizes.

As always for all news and updates regarding the Razor Exposed Tour, you can read about it first on Inside-Scooters.


  1. nice nice nice.
    but whaaaaaat at the $40 entry fee?

  2. Geordieeee, Thats how much SD4 was...and it was probably the most successful comp in the sport so far haha.

  3. wow ambush haven't been around long and they are already blossoming nicely

  4. i think the picture on the flyer may be incorrect. unless they re did it.(which would be awesome)

  5. Geordie. If you saw how much pro payouts are, you would completely understand. They are taking more money for payout and putting it towards the payouts. This is a GOOD thing. Andrew never organized it to give so much of the money to the riders.


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