Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NY Riders Need Your Help!

Ok guys....now whenever something important comes along where someone is in need of the entire communities support..we always have good results. Well, it's that time again. Read the information below that was given to me by HepGreg...and SIGN THIS PETITION.

"alright, so basically, New York city just got its first REAAAALL skatepark. and guess what? we're not allowed in. what a surprise. if you guys want a really awesome skatepark to ride every year come XW/Banks Jam time, we need to get as many signatures as possible on this petition. please sign this, and spread it around! we really need the full support of the scooter community to get this done!

Hep Greg & The Scooyork family"



  1. I got mad homies at my park but the cops are fags about it

  2. Hahaha within an hour of sticking this on IS...the Votes shot up mad fast.

  3. i signed it, but whoever put their name as penis cock isnt helping us out at all -Stefan Hefner

  4. signed like 4 times all with different emails... doin it again
    -shane mcnulty


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