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Nick Strickler Interview

25956_1229397534640_1220151304_30573051_1054581_n"You know him from his videos, or at least from a few clips. His infamous hitchhikers got the attention of just about everyone in the sport. You guessed it, I’m talking about Nick Strickler. Nick was born and raised in Reinholds, Pennsylvania, which is where he still lives to this day. Though he admits it’s not the best place for scootering, considering he has had almost no one to ride with out there. But that didn’t stop Nick in becoming what he is today.

Now before Nick started riding scooters it isn’t hard to figure out that he rode Bmx Flatland, and even did a little bit of skateboarding. Both of which I’m sure are big influences in his scootering. Nick started out riding scooters when he was really young, much like everyone else. However after a while he stopped riding and went back to riding bikes. It wasn’t until he took a trip to Chenga World in Ohio that he realized how much the sport he had left changed. He realized that scootering was really blowing up now, and that the tricks people were doing now a days were far more advanced than when he had rode. It didn’t take too long before Nick found himself back on a scooter.

Getting back into it, he found that learning Bri Flips and Hang 5’s were two tricks that really motivated him to keep riding and keep progressing. His skill from Bmx flatland had left Nick with some of the best balance that our sport has seen. When you’re doing tricks on a scooter that only a small handful of riders can possibly pull off, everyone tends to notice. With Nick’s developing style on a scooter, he soon realized he needed parts that suited his riding more. Nick turned to his father, who makes Bmx Flatland Frames, and Bars. Most of Nick’s parts that he uses now are all homemade all parts that he helped design that he feels helps his style out more, including his infamous bars that you see in all his videos.


With new parts, and a new outlook on the sport of scootering, Nick’s favorite tricks to do now are; Tuck no Handers on his 22 wide customs, Hitchikers of course, Long hang 5’s, Ice picks, and Mc Flurries. If you think Nick is done progressing, think again. His plans for the future are to keep getting better. And to start going higher and faster with his tricks, while of course staying innovative. He also wants to keep building more custom designed parts that will continue to suit his riding. As for the sport itself, he would like to see a bit more integration when it comes to riding and trick styles. An integration of Flat, Park, and Street all blending into one. He feels Bmx is too much of a divided sport, and would rather see scootering stray away from that.

Nick Strickler can very well be a newfound pioneer in the sport when it comes to flatland riding. A lot of riders have called themselves “flat” riders over the years. But Nick has seemed to spark a lot more of an interest in it with the unseen tricks he brought to the table. I for one am always going to be anticipating Nick’s next video, he has a rare talent that few people in the sport have. I mean in the end let’s be honest, for most of us….the only hitchhiking we’ll be doing. Involves a thumbs up, and the side of the road.

Intro By Steven Tongson

Interview By Jordan Jasa

Jordan Jasa:  You’ve pretty much much taken the scooter world by storm with your flat videos.  Did you expect to get this kind of success?

No way man. I still cant even believe that ive done half of the tricks ive done. I figured maybe a few people would like the edit and thats why i put it out. Didnt ever think i would change anything.

Do you think you’ve opened up more minds to flat riding?  

I would hope so. Seeing Jon Reyes nose manny over pyramids and stuff opened up my mind as to what can be done on a scooter. I didnt think that sort of balance was attainable on such a tiny wheel. It seems like people want to try them and once you get them then it opens more doors for more challenging things. Its a never ending cycle.

Who influences you to ride like you do? 

Kevin Jones, the most incredible flatland BMX rider in the world. He invented the Hitch Hiker and pretty much every other modern flatland trick. Also the flatland locals here that i know because of my dad and definetly pretty much all of the scooter community. Its great that our community is so tight knit.

So your dad made your deck and bars?  Can you tell us a little about them?  Pics?

Well we started out with that pair that is in the Brian Boston clip. Those cracked so we fixed them and then started working on how we can prevent that. The new version of the bars are much more solid. The handles are first welded together then put into the steer tube. We also incorperated an integrated clamp. The ones we sold at chenga were merely prototypes so any faults that you hear about with those bars are purely because of that. We have added a small gusset in the front to prevent cracking due to over tightening. The deck is the first prototype. So far is been great and is holding up super rad. Instead of welding on a goose neck which is a weak point in most other 1 piece decks we just bent up the tubes. Its made out of heat treated aluminum box tubing. Were working on a braking system too.


Can you tell us if they will ever be sold?

We plan on it. Were going to be giving away a pair at the contest at Chenga coming up on May 8th.

So its clear that you love riding flat.  What else do you enjoy riding?

I love riding everything. Its as simple as that. As long as im riding im happy.

Music plays a big part in most people’s riding…does your unique style mean you have a unique taste of music?

Im a huge metal head. Hair metal, Trash metal, Black metal, Death metal, what ever kind of metal you can throw at me i pretty much listen to it.

Who are some riders you like to watch?

Scooyork guys, Matt Mckeen, Tyler Bonner, and pretty much everyone else haha.


What are some tricks you’ve been working on lately?

Plastic Man, cross footed variations of tricks, opposite foot variations of tricks, and a super secret hitch hiker kickflip.

When can we expect a new video from you?

Possibly mid april, a friend and i are going to be filming alot soon.

Please, tell us all the secret to hitchhikers.  I cannot do them for the life of me.

Im not going to tell you the secret cause that takes the fun out of all of it but i will tell you that doing the trick varies alot depending on what deck your riding.

That’ll be it dude, any thanks/words of wisdom?

Dont hesitate, thats how you get hurt
And i would like to thank the crew out a Chenga and of course MTF.


Nick Strickler Flatland Edit from Nick Strickler on Vimeo.


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    That is sick what your doing for the sport, to see something new is always sick. cant wait to see more from you.

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  7. man hes so sick at scootering and he seems like an awesome dude, our sport needs more people like this

  8. I ride flatland liek he does all the time now hella fun and he loves metal too that a plus

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