Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ohio Dreams Scooter Camp Flyer

Check it out! Tommy Daddono of Sky High Scooters went to this camp last year, he talked with the owner of the place a lot and got him stoked on our sport. So now there'll be a scooter specific camp, awesome.


  1. fun park, definitely worth the money

  2. tht would be so bad u gatta be rich to go

  3. just save up like a month of pay checks and you're good, you don't have to be rich, that just means you're not doing anything about it.

    question though, is this throughout the summer or what? there's no dates so im guessing it's throughout the whole summer. i'm thinking of doing this for sure.

  4. im kinda nervous and my parents dont want me to go so idk if im going


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