Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eagle-Sport Australia Announcement

By now as I'm sure everyone in Australia knows, last month Eagle-Sport had been taking in applications from riders all over Australia to try and find a rider to add to the Eagle-Sport Team in Aus. Over 50 riders applied to be on the Team...and now comes the hard task of choosing. Expect the announcement to made later this month on who will be the next rider to represent Eagle-Sport in Australia along with existing Eagle Team riders, Jess Boland, Rory Coe, and Coedie Donovan. Below is a message from Eagle-Sport.

"Eagle-Sport would like to thank all of the riders who took the time to apply for our position on Eagle-Sport Australia. We did not expect to get so many applications from so many dedicated riders. We will do our best to pick who we feel will do the best job at representing Eagle-Sport in Australia. Thank you"

So as the month of March is over, any further applications will not be considered with the group of 52 that already applied. That does not mean you can not still make a sponsorship video for they are ALWAYS open to checking out sponsorship videos. Stay tuned for the update on Eagle-Sport Aus later this month.

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