Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ninth Annual Skate, Bmx, Inline, Scooter, and Video Game Competition

On May 15th and May 16th Skaters, Bmxers, Inliners, Scooter riders, and Gamers will all be getting together in Long Beach, CA for the ninth annual Skate, Bmx, Inline, Scooter, and Video Game Competition. If you check the flier you see some pretty big companies on there, as well as DSA and ScooterTees. A mix of riders from DSA, District, Eagle-Sport, ScooterZone, and ScooterTees will all be there riding. And you can check out the booths of DSA, Eagle, District and ScooterZone and ScooterTees. So if you can make it out to this and especially if you're in the So Cal area, I'd recommend coming out and having a good time.

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