Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Project Swiss Cheese" - Sean Furze

This video was uploaded by Sean Furze a couple weeks ago now, but i never got around to posting it (Sorry Sean!)
Includes the likes of Jackson Manzie, Ben Harradine, Blake Pickup, Alex Collins and more.
Easily one of the best filmed, edited and vibes from an Australian scooter video in a long, long time.
Watch and enjoy.


  1. love your blogs on Bikes & Scooters, I really liked your review. Nice information! Your content unique and meaningful.

  2. would have be the best aussie edit iv seen for a very long time, not just the riding the way it was flimed edited & presented was sick

  3. FINALLY posted it Aaron.......Love this video so much. Really need more edits like this.

  4. I seriously felt like I was watching a bike or a skate video

  5. yeaaaah!!! great video... with my favourite rider Jackson Manzie!

  6. that like wasnt even an aussie vid, it was actually good!!


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