Monday, April 26, 2010

Help Save Alex Dorantes

Basically this is the deal, quoted from Phoenix Tom:

"Not only is Alex a great rider, he is a chill dude. He was always respectful of me and never forgot to tell me how much he appreciated working with me. He pushed himself hard to become a better rider.

For those of you who don't know Alex, i spoke with his mom and here is the deal. Alex is from a family of 6 kids and was brought here to the US when he was in the 4th grade. Yeah, he got in a little trouble and when they found out he was not a US citizen they locked him up and put him in the US immigration jail in Tacoma, WA. Imagine how scary that must be for a 19 year old kid!

OK, so i just got off the phone with Alex's girlfriend Anna. She told me that to get him out it will cost $10,000 and his family has raised $9000!!! So i will give $500 and we just need to raise $500 more.

He has court on Wednesday and if the family can pay the $10,000, he will be released that day with a work visa to stay in the USA.

So if anyone can help out with even a little to get that last $500 you can use my paypal account at

I will go tomorrow to give Alex's family whatever money we, the scooter community, has raised."

So if anyone has any spare bit of money they can donate, that would be awesome. Check out this video of Alex, he's a shredder for sure-

Once again, to donate, paypal any amount of money to A huge props goes out to Phoenix for putting up 500 bucks for Alex, thats amazing.


  1. im never going to say anything about phoenix everrr again just because of this

  2. thank you soo much Jordan. you have no idea how much this means to me..

  3. omg stan just got tan -- Nate W

  4. I agree with DMAZZ

  5. who the fuck cares

  6. Wow your a dick^
    Feel badass now?

  7. That is dumb.They put him in jail just for not being a citizen.

  8. oh yea and also, america just wants more money so they are making his family pay $10000. that is retarded. Americas government is stupid

  9. ana give me ur number

  10. is he out of the slammer and still riding yet?i was worried when i read this


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