Friday, April 9, 2010

Miles Quirk/Brian Amato/Spencer Steed/666th post

For those who don't know, Miles is an OG Midwest rider. Such nice clean, smooth style, love his clips. Brian's briflip catch was pretty gnar, super clean stuff from him too. And Spencer is a nut, dub bar to whip 3 times a row? Thats nonsense.


  1. Always such a treat to see an OG like Miles still shredding..sooooo good.

    Brians riding was so legit...scooter was super solid haha.

    Spencer.... just wow. Don't even know what to say about 3 Dub bar to a row...

  2. that bri catch was SICK!!!!

  3. i liked this video alot def was a sick bri catch great riding!


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