Sunday, April 4, 2010

VS, With Hayden O'Connor

I recently got the chance to ask Australian Hayden O'Connor a few Vs questions. Check out his answers.

100mm vs 110 mm: 110mm, more clearance and more speed, if you have a choice of either why not pick the better one.

Footjams vs. Front Briflips: mm thats a hard one, front bris are overrated but footjams are begining to be overused. illl go with front bris, one of my favorite tricks and the funnest.

Offset vs. Zero Offset: offset, just feels nicer, but thats my opinion, ive never really felt the difference but offset just feels nicer.

Pegs vs No Pegs: pegs, it opens up a wider variety of tricks, and they dont really get in the way so it cant hurt.

Cali Parks vs Aussie Parks: aussie parks! cali parks sure look good and are super smooth and all that, but aussie parks have really nice transition and are alot funner than the parks over there.

Aussie Riders vs. American Riders vs. European Riders: holy crap ummmm i gotta think hard here. aussie riders have alot of style but use alot of the mainstream aussie tricks, americans have amazing tricks but some not with amazing style, and earopean riders are amazing at street with some good and some bad styles.
so uhm
man this is a hard one.
can't pick.

So there you have it, Hayden's Vs. Check out this video of Hayden, riding for Moonwalk Scooters.


  1. Dude that video was soooo good Haydenn =)

  2. that was sick! Its nice to see that other goofy riders bri and inward to the right. Is that the first double front bri?

  3. Euros have the most style. Aussies have the worst.

  4. What is thé trick at 00 : 48 ?

  5. what is that trick at the 48 second mark?

  6. OMG So good ! I Like im ;D

    Sinan AlFaour

  7. wHAT A FUCKING CRAZY FAGGOT. Gtfo your too good.

  8. video was so sick


  9. i think at 0:48 it was a whip inward, whip?
    Madd edit!


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