Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ralph "Monky" McMoran (Video Up)

Trendkill announced this yesterday, and here it is.  A lot of this footage is a year, two years old, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.  That rail he bar backlips at 1:37 is so awkward to get to, making it so much gnarlier than it looks...One of the best parts of his riding is that it continually evolves, a characteristic I love to see in riders.  So, check this video, watch it again, and go ride.


  1. This video was Boring with a capital B. Monkey is way over rated and rides like a hack, the first clip he falls. Please lose the librarian look, its another reason these type of riders are making scootering look really Gay.

    1. ^ Burn all Anonymous.

    2. I mean like seriously. Who approved that comment?
      "The first clip he falls". Who ever you are, I'd like to see you do a frontslide lipslide across the whole thing on the same rail. I strongly disagree with the video being boring - I don't believe it's because of Monky, cause Monky's skills are just top notch. I have a feeling that the issue why this may be boring for you is because you're slightly missing the whole point what's interesting in "riding street" which is basicly a challenge of riding on stuff that wasn't built for riding purposes. Hence why it's interesting to watch these videos cause these people are creative by incorporating stuff they learn in parks into stuff they find on the streets which weren't meant for riding and grinding.

      Clothing is way off-topic though.

    3. ^^^^^^you should be killed

    4. Regardless of your opinion, Monky is one of the most well rounded and stylish riders in the sport. The way in which he decides to dress doesn't matter. Did you not see how fast we was going at everything he hit? Monky is a beast and his riding commands respect. Not disrespect behind the keys of of your keyboard shadowed by an anonymous account.

      It's pathetic, the sheer disregard of respect that flows in our sport.

  2. There are no "type of riders". There are shredders and whiners, your being a whiner. Go shred.


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