Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who, What, Where, and Why with Ben Harradine

Recently caught up with another one of Aus's underrated up and coming riders. That rider is Ben Harradine.

Who would you like to ride with if you could ride a full day with anyone in the sport?

Ben: hmm, ide like to ride with everyone if i had the chance haha! but if i had to choose just one rider, i think it would have to be Justin Robertson, theres no other rider like him.

What trick so far has been the hardest for you to learn in scootering?

Ben:Well there's been a few, my double fingerwhip acid would have to be up there, i tryed my heart out for that trick and it payed off when i landed it, i think the one that took the most effort to do would havto be either halfcab whip fingerwhip off a drop, or halfcab fire crack a 3 or 4 stair haha

Where is your favorite spot or skatepark to ride in Aus?

Ben:For skate park, as much as people hate it, and as crappy as it is, nothing beats a local, my local park, Tamworth skatepark, will always be my favourite park to ride.
But my main favourite spot to ride is Tamworth Public School haha. Ive ridden there since I started at about 11 years old. So Ive been riding a good 5 years ago, and before that i used to go there after school in primary school to drop the 4 stair and show my mates, I find it amazing that I still ride the place pretty much every thursday night still and have mad fun riding the place. In my opinion its got everything, I ride it alone most of the time sadly ahha but still have a great time. i couldnt live without that place, its like my home haha.

Why do you continue to ride scooters today?

Ben: Haha, theres a bunch of reasons, I find it fun and it keeps me happy, I meet so many new people through it and make so many freinds. I love to try and change peoples opinions on what they think of scooter riders. When I began riding no one really payed me out, but no one really took me seriously. They saw me as one of those kids who bring what ever to the park to roll around on. Now all the local skaters and bmx all see scooters as just another legit sport and that realy keeps me motivated to ride.

I want to thank Ben for taking the time do this piece with Inside-Scooters, and expect a couple more Aussie riders for our next "Who, What, Where, and Why's"

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  1. you should interview jake clark in bend oregon


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