Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Who, What, Where, and Why with Brian Boston"

This week for "Who, What, Where, and Why" I was able to catch up with long time friend, and OG rider, Brian Boston. Yes kids... the rider who created the Bri Flip.

Who: Who, did you admire when you first started getting into the sport?

Brian: Tim Muller, he was the person that got me into riding and I always learned everything about riding and the scene from him when I started.

What: What trick were you the most proud of landing since you've been riding?

Brian: The "Briflip" obviously, since my name is pretty much set in stone with the sport now. I didn't have any expectations for it the first time I put a video up of it, now the trick is huge.

Where: Where is one place you've traveled to because of scootering, that you might not have ever been to before?

Brian: Either Westerville, Ohio or Buffalo, New York.

Why: Why are you still involved in the sport today?

Brian: I am a head administrator on Scooter Resource. I like to help people out with figuring out video/photo related stuff. I like to try to make it out to events on the east coast to see everyone I met through riding. Some people I met would be my best friends if we lived closer, so its awesome to see these people when the opportunity rises. Although i don't ride near as much as I used to, just overseeing the sport, knowing whats going on, seeing all of these new companies pop up and all of the coverage scooters are getting now just kind of seems like a duty to me.

The video below is over 4 years old, from 2005. Enjoy this piece of history, from one of the top OG's in the sport today. Thanks to Brian for taking the time to do this.

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