Monday, September 14, 2009

Phil Lagettie hits the scene hard.. Again.

Australian Scooters 3 - SR topic.

So it's official, Aus3 will be released, sometime in 2010.
I caught up with Phil to ask him some stuff about it, and some generalities about himself.

Aaron: What got you back into the scene? Was it a personal decision, or did someone else help you come out of the shadows?

Phil: It was the loss of my license, it opened my eyes and showed me the transportation that i used to love, my scooter.. i only ever got lazy once i got it...i get it back in 2 weeks, after 3 months... but REFUSE to fall away due it it again... i use it purposely to drive to skateparks and ride with everyone..

How does it feel getting back on the old trustful steed after so long? Have you been throwing the casual 10ft high euro airs?

For the time i was out of riding, i had an emptiness within me.
Nothing could fill it, drinking, girls, mates, partying.. nothing would fulfill the feeling of when i used to flow and listen to Tool whilst riding..

Haha, sadly no after a few weeks, i am yet to throw a euro, I Crashed doing a invert air, after about 2 years not riding at all. i could remember the feeling exactly, but gravity though.

What has sparked the sudden want to make Aus3? Will it be a DVD again, and what names can we expect?

Being that i have been employed as a video editor for the last 2 years has grown my confidence in editing immensely
and even though i love what i edit at work, scooter vids/ mini vids was my main inspiration for learning the techniques.
i want to put my All in to this Video.

It will be a DVD swell as a web release.. DVD obviously including a lot more than the web release.

Names so far for sections are :
Coedie Donovan
Brendan Smith
Adam Rouse
Cory Geisler
Rory Coe
Aaron Bransdon
& possibly myself haha
This only being the 1st set... more to be announced!

Thanks Phil.

So there you have it!
Australian Scooters 3 is on the cards, and it's going to be done by the man who started it all.
Inside Scooters will try their best to keep you updated with any news on it as it comes, including new lists of rider sections, possible release dates and progress on the video!


  1. Hey is aus 3 gonna be editing like a porn?

  2. Fuck yea finally back.
    Can't wait for the DVD and i hope he rides in it.
    I'm def buying the DVD so stoked.


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