Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inward Milestone and Celebration

Inward-Scooters has sold nearly 1000 pairs of bars! To mark the occasion, JP wrote up this short article, detailing the event and the special offer that is going to be available in celebration.

Inward has been around for barely 9 months and is about to sell its thousandth one piece bar in the next few weeks.
We would like to thank all customers for putting their trust in the new company. We also want to thank the Flow Team and all riders that have offered their advice and suggestions that contributed to our success.

To celebrate the event, the buyer of bar #1000 will be getting the bar for free, including a choice of powdercoat or Assault wrapping, grips and shipping. The next 5 buyers of a one-piece Inward bar will get a free set of grips (animal or odi). Winners will be notified after they placed their orders on our website

Here are some interesting facts about the bars sold so far:

Tallest bar: 26 Inch
Shortest bar: 15 Inch
Widest bar: 22 Inch
Narrowest bar: 13 inch

Average bar size is 20 high, 16 wide.

Top 3 colors:
Black (25%)
Neon Green (16%)
Purple (16%)

Least popular colors (all less than 1%)
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow

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