Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inward now carrying Razor Ultra Pro parts, Yak wheels

As of today, Inward added Ultra Pro parts to its website, further expanding its already unrivaled collection of scooter parts.
For sale are decks, Forks, clamps and Lo bars. Regular size bars will be available soon. Bars will be cut to size upon request.

Decks and Forks are offered powdercoated and decks are be offered with a pedal pin option.

Inward also added 4 popular Yak wheels to its on-line store.

Please check it out at at www.shop.inward-scooters.com


  1. what are pedal pins

  2. pedalpins are basically stunt pegs

    (I hope!)

  3. I av a razor pro yak pegs bearings wheels grips n tape

  4. one of my friends had a mgp the first day the front wheel spit

  5. cool im gonna look

  6. do u guys think i should get a razor ultra pro or wat

  7. "pedalpins are basically stunt pegs"

    no they are not they arethe points on a bikes pedals inward can put petal pins on scooter decks now

  8. Hey would a lucky deck be good for a 13 year old.
    im 13
    i can bri
    i can double flat

  9. i want a new scooter i want a phineox deck i can bri and double bri and i can quad i want new bars i only have a ultra pro and yak wheels with stock bars


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