Sunday, September 20, 2009

Matt Ogle Announced as Inward Team Captain!

Matt Ogle has been heralded as one of the sport’s most underrated riders.  Despite being one of the most creative, and most balanced riders, he hasn’t had the recognition he deserved until about nine months ago, when he was put on the Inward Flow Team by ex-team manager Steven Tongson.  It took him five videos, and four years to finally get the long deserved spot on the team.  And now, nine months later, Matt has been voted Team Captain by his own teammates.  Being captain is something the 19 year old Baylor student is very excited to be.  And I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say his teammates are excited to have him in that spot as well. 

- Jordan Jasa

-It took you 5 videos to get sponsored by Inward, and after 9 short months you have taken the Team Captain position.  Did you expect any of that?

Heavens no, you have to realize that by the time the old Team Captain (Steven T.) had even offered the sponsorship to me, i had begun my first semester at Baylor and had totally stopped progressive riding for half a year. It was the most random and blessed thing that had happened for a while. Afterwards i started riding much more often and i guess i just really wanted to commit myself to the team and when the oppurtunity was offered i gladly accepted.

-What made you want to be Team Captain?

The fact that, and especially after meeting JP, I realized how legitimate Inward Scooters is. I really would love to help this company boom and it is headed in a fantastic direction. Also, after doing hard filming since early May i have realized that my body hurts more often now and I really want to stay involved with scooters while both on the scooter and off. So i figure this is a great way to help.
-Why do you think your teammates picked you to be captain?
I bribed them with scooter stickers. Na im playin but i would have no idea. I dont want to say anything that would come off as boastful so i just hope they picked me because they trust my judgement and commitment.

-Are the responsibilities of a captain different than a manager?

I would assume so, but i literally have no idea at this point. I just received the honor of the position so i'll give it time and find out.

-What are you looking forward to most about being TC?

I am most excited about participating in all the events and, hopefully, hitching more rides with JP to competitions and events. Plus i love the riders on our team so i am so thrilled to help them out and see their new footage and, most especially, see them in person soon. That will be <3. I also hope to get even more involved in the future when i finish college up.

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  1. I think Matt was a great choice for TC. He's such a sick rider. I mean I've never seen a better scooterer!


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