Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New District Clamps and T Shirts!

The new scooter parts company District has unveilied another Clamp Model. Called the "Light Clamp". There is a "Light Double" and a "Light Single" These will soon be for sale on C4Scooters.com. Currently on C4Scooters.com you can pick up the District Double Clamps in White or Black...for a ridiculously cheap price of only 7.50...Also at C4Scooters.com there is a nice variety of District T Shirts. Also on sale for only 12.00. District has an insane line of scooter parts coming out in the near future...so be some of the first to get some District parts, and some District clothing at a really good price! Here are some pictures.

Double Light Clamps

And here are some of the District shirts you can purchase on C4Scooters.com

Make sure to visit C4Scooters.com and the C4Scooters Forum to purchase all your District parts, and for all your District news and updates. This company is setting a new standard when it comes to affordable and high quality products.


  1. shit 3 t-shirts and 2 clamps its a bag of wank

  2. have the clamp works great!!

  3. i have a district clamp works great

  4. have that clamp works great

  5. hopefully this new clamp is better then their old one. i striped the clamp before the bolts. thats a first for me. there went $20.

  6. The shirts aren't at C4Scooters.com?


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