Monday, August 24, 2009

"Who, What, Where, and Why with HepGreg"

Margaret and Greg with some Guacamole

Who: Who would you ride with if you could ride with anyone in the world?
Greg: Hmmm....
I dunno. probably Maxime LeGrand, or Martin Nogol. someone from another country for sure.

What: What tricks do you plan on landing the in the future?
Greg: 5050 down a legit handrail before Elmer does.

Where: Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere in the world?
Greg: Barcelona, Spain.

Why: Why do you continue to ride scooters?
Greg: It's what i enjoy doing most in my life right now. i've watched the sport grow since the almost very beginning, and i just feel like i belong here.

Mini Two. from Hep Greg on Vimeo.


  1. Greg never calls me anymore. I used to like when I scooted behind him while he was wearing his tight nickerbocker shorts. MMMMmmmmm.

    Secret Admirer

  2. yeah Greg, I´m chema from México, and I think that was awsome


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