Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ramp Rats Upcoming Competition Article

On August 22nd, the Fuzion, Raise the Gnar Tour makes it's second stop. The first stop was on the East Coast in New York, at the Xtreme Wheels Skatepark. However, they are now going all the way across the United States to the West Coast, in Petaluma, California to the Ramp Rats Skatepark. So let's find out about the owner of Ramp Rats shall we?

Ramp Rats was opened by a Bmx'er by the name of Mike Krnaich. Mike lives in Petaluma, and is a Pro Bmx rider, a Wakeboarder, and a Bass Fisherman. Mike first started to notice the sport of scootering when he saw some local kids riding at his skatepark. After watching them for a while and seeing their dedication and skill, they earned his respect. It was around that time that he started thinking about holding scooter jams or competitions. To the left is a picture of Mike riding at RampRats.

They had a small jam earlier this spring. Which is most likely going to be outdone by their upcoming competition. A lot of riders are planning to show up and represent the Nor Cal scooter scene come the 22nd. The Nor Cal scene is extremely lucky to have someone like Mike here. The fact that he opens his park doors to us, and to anyone who is respectful and dedicated says a lot about who he is. Mike's most memorable moment so far involving scooters, was when he saw a 12 year old kid, do a backflip over their box jump. If you asked him who is favorite riders are, his answer is simple. He respects anyone who is out there having fun doing what they love.

For the future of Mike's involvement in the sport of scootering, he will continue to do his best to help push the growth of the sport. By putting on more jams, and he really hopes that this Fuzion tour, becomes an annual thing. Future plans for the Ramp Rats skatepark include a complete remodel in the winter. Which will include a bowl, and a step up. I think all of us need to be thankful that we have Mike backing our sport, and supporting us the way he is, has been, and will continue to do in the future. So from Inside Scooters, Thanks Mike, and to everyone at the Ramp Rats competition on the 22nd, Good luck from Inside Scooters!

A few of the riders scheduled to be there are:

The RAD Crew
Jake "Spicy McHaggis" Pellegrini
Rayan Simian
Gino Troian
Jay Magee
Eaglesport US Team Rider Jason Beggs

-Written by Steven Tongson

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