Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Conor Davidson "Sovereign Arbor" Part

You probably know who Conor is.  While not representing any companies as a rider, Conor has worked behind the scenes of scootering, and also is known for his style and unique approach to riding.  Over the past couple years, he's been fortunate enough to travel all over the US and so he's managed to accumulate quite a few clips.  This 4 minute video is full of classic Conor riding.  This is one to remember.


  1. In a sport where unfortunately it seems like 90% of riders, are just copying every other rider in style, tricks, and even fucking clothes and lingo, It's really refreshing to have the few riders like Conor. Conor from the beginning has had his own style, and he's stuck to that and improved it over and over again throughout the years. This is an instant classic in my book. Bout to hit that replay button

  2. his wallies/rail bumps are unmatchable. also, he was one of the first people to do manuals brakeless. sweeet footage!!


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