Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Matt Andrus Sponsor Video

The year was 2005, we still bolted our folding mechs, and basically rode our scooters stock out of the box. A rider that had blasted onto the scene a few years earlier, was Matt Andrus, a BMXer who had found a new passion in Scooters. Matt is a true pioneer of our sport, and some of the tricks you will see in this video, are "World Firsts" as you guys call them today. We didn't bother with titles like that back then, a new trick, was just a new trick, and Matt did a lot of them. This video was highly praised when it released over 9 years ago for Matt's tech style, and crazy barspin combos. A true legend of the sport, and someone I am glad to say is a good friend of mine. Check it out.

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