Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ECX Summer Tour Update for Stop #1

The first stop of the ECX Summer Tour went down recently in Virginia Beach and North Carolina. Accomplished writer, and owner of ECX, Mike Lashbrook wrote a full recap of the first stop. Check that out below.

The 1st leg of the ECX Summer Scooter Tour went down with a success this past weekend with the team traveling to Virginia Beach and North Carolina to shred some killer parks. The team left Thursday morning from their hometown park in Newport Delaware for a 5 hour trek south with the New ECX Mobile Showroom & Team Support Trailer in tow. When they arrived in Virginia Beach, they checked in to the hotel and headed to Newport News to ride Anti-Gravity, a great indoor park with a killer street section and a random back room of box jumps and mini ramp. The owner was stoked to see scooters and let the guys shred until after 10pm.

The next morning we headed over to a fantastic outdoor park called Mount Trashmore (it is built on a former landfill). The park was all wood & skatelite with a great bowl and 13' vert ramp. 11 year old team rider Matt Lashbrook dropped in on the vert ramp and couldn't get enough. That's where he could be found the rest of the day. Friday night found the team down at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk where a few of the guys took a dip in the ocean while others patrolled the boards for what every teenage guy likes. (insert your own words here). Saturday morning we were off to a concrete street plaza called Woodstock. The trailer blew a tire right when we arrived, so the guys had a long full day session shredding the 8 stair set and ledges while we waited for the tire to get repaired. That night, everyone decided to head to the beach and get in some body surfing in the warm clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean followed by a team dinner at the Doh Boy Restaurant.

After dinner, we stopped at a local surf shop so the guys could do some shopping for some new threads. Element Skateboards had set up a nice 6' mini-ramp in the parking lot for a contest the day before and the manager let us ride it till 11pm. He couldn't believe the stuff we were doing on scooters. I think he asked Ryan to flair six times! Sunday was the last day and we headed over to Northside skatepark in hopes of getting in to ride. (they don't let scooters in until July 1st when the cities new insurance policy takes place). We begged and pleaded, but it was a no. So it was off to another spot some local skaters told us about and it turned out they wouldn't let scooters in either... Everyone was getting discouraged when the attendant at the last park told us about a secret concrete bowl that was only a 45 minute drive south in North Carolina. We decided to give it a try and hit the road.

After driving about a half hour through nothing but corn fields and farms, we came upon a huge 12' pool and clover bowl literally in the middle of nowhere! The guys were stoked and shredded it for about 2 hours before we got back on the road for the 6 hour ride home. The trip was a huge success!, we introduced freestyle scooters to a bunch of kids, even sold a new MGP to a biker who converted! We drank and gave away over 100 Vitamin Waters and all the riders had a blast. Tons of incredible footage was filmed for the Summer Tour DVD coming out this fall. Next stop - North Jersey to ride Shields and TIC on Thursday and Friday June 30th & July 1st. See ya there!

If you want to keep up with everything that's been going on at each stop of the ECX Summer Tour. Keep checking Inside-Scooters!

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  1. the trip was sooo sick. woodstock was an awesome park. trashmore was really good, but the coping was horrible.


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