Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ryan Gould Super 60

Now here is a Super 60..

Really great riding from Scooter Zone's Ryan Gould. Ryan recently took 4th place at the Epic Street Comp as well, in the Am division. Rockin the French ID Deck, check out Ryan Gould's Super 60 below.


  1. JonDev Sponsor Vid song, nice.

  2. ^^ Dude its only a song, just because one person uses it doesnt mean no one else can use it. You must be from SR or something jesus.

  3. has to be one of or if not my FAVORITE super 60...

  4. that was G. and i love that song. and your clean ass riding. so i just came.

  5. Super sick variety of tricks.
    Amazing style.
    Consistent as hell.
    Fuck that was enjoyable.


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