Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scorpo Scooters Joins Inside-Scooters

I've heard of Scorpo for a while. Things were quiet about them for a while, but that silence was for good reason. They had been working on a complete new line of products, from bearings to the new one piece deck, Scorpo has reinvented themselves in a big way. For more information on Scorpo Scooters, read below.

In 2007 Scorpo Scooters noticed that the industry was lacking when it came to providing riders with a scooter that would be ready for freestyle riding, right off the shelf. They wanted to bring to the sport a scooter that didn't require being locked up with additional bolts/plates, and handle bars that wouldn't loosen or rattle due to riding.

The creating process was a tough one for Scorpo, as it is for all companies. One of the first decks, looked almost identical to what is now the TSI deck. There was also one made from carbon fiber, and a load of other crazy designs...some of which still have a place in the “Scorpo Museum of Unfinished Projects”.

Trips to China in hopes of getting lucky with good manufacturers didn't work out so well. So Scorpo decided to look to Taiwan, which is known as the heart and soul for manufacturing. Scorpo didn't want to work with an existing scooter parts manufacturer in Taiwan, they wanted an engineering factory, that they can work with from the ground up. They had a few set backs, but even then were gaining a lot of experience from the hands on approach they decided to take with their products.

To this day they still have to make numerous trips to Taiwan, to ensure that production is going smoothly and properly, and they believe it is paying off. Scorpo believes today, that they have a product that they can confidently put up against the best and they are proud to be releasing the new “Stunt
2” scooter onto the world market.

Well Scorpo sent me out a package of product to check out first hand before making the decision to work with us here at Inside-Scooters...and as a lot of people know, I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to scooter parts. Well I was very very surprised with each product I received. Let's check some of them out below.

I'll get right into things, with the new Scorpo Deck.

Similiar to the Ultra Pro deck in the front, but overall very very different. The paint on both the black and white ones, have a nice sparkle to them, something I haven't seen in the paint on other decks.

The length is 20 inches, and the width is the popular, 4.5. The deck has concave, and a headtube angle very similiar to a Phoenix deck. One of the things I really loved, was that it comes with a fully installed flex fender style brake. Also the sides of the deck were rounded enough so that fingerwhips were a breeze.

The weight was no issue at all. Going from a Phoenix 4.5, to the Scorpo 4.5 was nothing. The deck feels really strong and solid. One thing I hate is when you get on a deck, and you start feeling less confident on the deck due the way it feels underneath you. Well this was no problem with the Scorpo. Really nice deck.

The Forks come in threadless, and threaded for the completes. Fairly simple design, nothing too crazy going on here, and in most cases that's a good thing. The forks aren't very heavy at all. While I am not crazy about some forks on the market, and the cheesy designs... I wouldn't mind seeing Scorpo get a little more creative with a new fork design in the future.

The SCS looked awesome. It was a bit heavy, but this was something Scorpo was already aware of, and are going to be modifying. While I am a HIC rider, if I did want to run SCS, I would definitely consider using the Scorpo SCS.

The triple clamp was something I am currently still running. I'm not sure why, but I really like clamps. Well, strong clamps. This was a really solid clamp. While they are currently made for standard sized bars, and not HIC, a little stretching, and this thing fit on my HIC bars easily. Really strong, hasn't loosened up since putting it on. Check out the triple and new quad clamps below. Let's hope we see some clamps for oversized HIC bars soon.

The complete Scorpo scooter will come as you see below.

They will also come with the Scorpo headsets (They also make threadless headsets, that run reaallyy smooth)

Last but certainly not least, is my favorite product I got from Scorpo. The Brute Metal Cores. My knowledge on wheels, metal cores in general, is pretty deep. As most people know, I worked with one wheel company for over a year. Needless to say I've rode a LOT of different wheels. When I stick a pair of metal cores on, the first thing I do is head out front and go down my driveway. 8 out of 10 times, I will notice a slight lag compared to the wheels I was riding before. Very rarely, will the wheels surpass my current pair in speed and performance. Well the Brute wheels did just that.

They were incredibly smooth, had a lot of grip, and most notably...were fast as hell. I've been running them non stop for the last few weeks, and they've shown zero signs of slowing down or dehubbing. I stand by these wheels 110%, easily without a doubt some of the best metal cores I've ever rode. These come in 110, and 100mm, and can be bought with a full core, or the spoked design.

Scorpo is a company that I respect for a few reasons, one being because they didn't try to rush the scene. They've been here for a while, but made sure to keep things on a lower profile until they were sure they had top quality products to bring to the sport. I couldn't be happier working with them here at Inside-Scooters. So from now on, if you guys want updates on Scorpo Scooters, just keep checking Inside-Scooters.

Also for everyone in the US that wants to get their hands on these products, just hang tight. Because Scorpo is going to be hitting the US in the near future. More information on that will be on ISB soon.

Head over the the website by clicking the link below.



  1. They copied razor with the decks and they copied madd gear with the forks.

    1. They copied district forks not mgp

  2. Yes!! Companies like this are what scootering has going for it. People who own companies, take their time, make sure that they have their product dialed, and care about the bettering of the sport. Well that is, if all you have said is true and they truly have their heads int he right place. Sooo glad their making their forks threaded too to keep that market open, and the scs looks sick. It looks like a scorpion tale before the stinger haha. Maajor props guys.
    -Tyler Jones

  3. All of there stuff is just copying other designs and it looks super shity

  4. everything looked perfect, but then i saw the bars -_-

  5. The wheels are bloody good. Luke Burland used them for a couple of weeks and couldn't brake them. The deck looks nice as well. It looks like a blunt deck with a Razor Ultra pro V2 neck.

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  6. if they're copying razor with the deck, then zg is copying lucky.

    rups dont have concave, aren't 4.5 wide, aren't 20 long, and dont have an 82ish headtube angle.

    just cause it has a circle headtube...

  7. And their logo looks like scooter zones...

  8. Haha take their time? should have seen the shit they had before this shit. They just copied everyone. lame
    Razor headtube, Blunt/MGP deck,phoenix brake, MGP forks, Proto SCS.
    Wheels are just OME.

  9. bars are the horrors!!

  10. These guys are gonna be exactly like ProRide, no original designs and eventually no one will care about their products. In this insustry you ned to be creative in design and not copy what others are doing.

  11. Okay for an upcoming company, but the bars don't look at all good D:

  12. So what you are saying is that it took them 4 years to come up with completely unoriginal designs??

  13. ive seen kids at my local with these, they dehubbed the wheels and the bars snapped. i strongly recommend to not buy these.

  14. i have been rideing the hole scooters for about a month now and i dont think i could ride another scooter

  15. Hate the bars but the wheels are amazing for the price. My local sells them for $30.00 with bearings. There are some really good wheels coming out of china now. They even have a 30 day dehub warranty.

  16. @anonymous that said that these products are good for an upcoming company-scorpo has been around for ages! the designs look pretty much the exact as what they use to be. But props on the effort to stay in the sport.
    my mate had the old scorpo complete, he loved it, but it was very heavy!

  17. yeah they might be copying other companies out there but show me a scooter that hasnt, and they do have one piece bars as well, and there decks i can vouch for 1st hand as i have watched a test rider ride one for nearly 6mths now and i can tell you that deck has copped a hell of a lot of abuse and is still going strong as for the wheels there a very strong high performing wheel in my oppinion and very good value for money, my hat goes of to the guys at scorpo for producing a strong yet affordable scooter well done guys keep up the good work

  18. Long history of knowing products off.
    Scorpo stunt scooter
    Micro Exteme.

  19. every1 needs to stop saying they copied
    i am sponsered buy them and its nothing like the other companys products

    and who cares if it looks the same.. moonwalks new deck is the same as pheonix.. who cares

  20. that shit looks like it would be bought at a dollar store.

    Tom K and Kelly Z

  21. What's the latest word on the new Scorpo Stinger Complete? Not much info out there. thx

  22. do scorpo sponsor people

  23. wanting to get sponced. maybe scorpo is an option how do I try get sponced by them

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