Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lucky Scooter Parts Response to Tom Kvilhaugs Accident

Here at Lucky Scooter Parts we recently learned of, and saw the video of Tom Kvilhaug's accident. It was as hard for us to watch as it was for everyone else in the community. Like everyone else, we hope that Tom makes a quick recovery, and is back on his scooter soon. We also can understand Tom's and other peoples concern and we also want to thanks those who have stood up for our company and products in posts and comments.

While we do our very best to design, build, and test parts, we simply can’t make them invincible. We are continuously improving our parts and riders are continuously going bigger and bigger to reach the limits of their riding and of the scooter parts. We have a team of some extremely talented street riders that go big and who hit huge gaps and stair sets quite frequently, we trust in our parts and so does our team.

We are all part of an extreme sport, that puts your bodies and the scooter parts under extreme stress. You ride at risk every time you ride your scooter and especially when going big over gaps or stair sets. Just like other extreme sports, Bmx and Skateboarding, scooter parts will break when stressed beyond normal conditions, please keep that in mind when contemplating your next big trick.

We strongly encourage all riders to wear protective gear at all times and especially when going extreme.Again, we wish Tom a very speedy recovery and hope to see him on a scooter soon.

Lucky Scooter Parts LLC


  1. coughsafteygearcough

  2. They shouldn't have even said anything, it's unimportant. Their bars aren't under warranty, it wasn't a manufacturer's defect. They snapped under so much pressure. He's obviously not getting a refund, it's not Lucky's fault. Tom probably isn't even expecting or caring for a refund. Things break, shit happens. Tom's an amazing dude, one of the nicest people I've ever talked to. Something broke, he's not gonna blame the company. He said he isn't going to ride Lucky bars any more. I wouldn't, either. And I'm sure most people would agree with that.

    -Joe Riley

  3. This is a way better response, good on Lucky

  4. to joe,
    brian wrote that response because, a lot of people is thinking that lucky makes weak bars or they are not safe of whatever; not because tom wants a refund,
    What brian is trying to say is that his parts are good and people should not be scared of riding their bars

  5. I think it is good they reposted. Brian should of done it earlier. Hey, I understand the helmet not cool thing but might want to start promoting that a bit more in this industry. With people doing bigger tricks like those of BMX it will only make this sport a bit safer. The people who sell these parts have a market of younger riders which is a big part of their sales. It would be in their best interest to promote saftey a bit more.Im sure the mom and dad who buy the parts for little Jonney would like that. Think about all the videos out there where kids are not wearning helmets. All it takes is one mistake to do some real damage. I have had my share of head injuries and it is not fun. When I see this video it makes me want to wear the thing even though it might not look so cool.

    Cody D

  6. I apologized to lucky and I said the things I said while I was still angry. I appreciate lucky changing their response and I think they handled this whole thing rather well. Thanks for all the support guys. I am very thankful for that.

    -Tom Kvilhaug

  7. yuuuck,safety gear.Props to Lucky for changing their response.still a VERY good company.: )

  8. safety gear isn't that bad all people, e.g Raymond Warner, Joe Riley hit the nail on the head

  9. cmon guys, one helmet?? its better than being a vegetable....


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